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Downloading online video files from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, or Dailymotion (to name but a few) can range from impossible to extremely cumbersome unless you count with a free, simple, and efficient tool like ClipGrab. This tiny app searches for videos on the most renowned online sites and downloads them for you in batches and in the format and level of quality of your choice.

ClipGrab provides you with two ways of downloading your files. If you happen to need a video that is available on YouTube, you can search for it by entering some key words in the box provided, and send it to the download list just by clicking it once the program has found it. However, if the video file belongs to a different site, all you need to do is copy the corresponding URL to the clipboard. You can set the program to automatically download all URLs sent to the clipboard, to ignore them, or to ask you what to do in each particular case.

Each time you send a video to the download list, the program will ask you first for the output format and the quality you want the video to have. You can simply tell the program to download it in its original format to avoid any loss of quality during the conversion process, or select any of the formats supported by ClipGrab, such as MP4, WMV, or Ogg. Alternatively, you can extract the audio stream of the video file and save it as an MP3 file or in its original audio format. Once the options for each video have been set, all you have to do is click on the “Grab this clip!” button to send it to the download list.

ClipGrab is a tiny software tool that offers you the possibility of downloading and converting video files (and their soundtracks) that, in most cases, would be impossible to grab otherwise. It is fast, efficient, freely available, and easy to use, which are more than enough reasons to have it installed on your system.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports batch download
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Works with a large number of online video sites
  • Allows you to select the output format and quality
  • Downloads HD video formats


  • No support for playlist download
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